5 Ways to Relax Without Wine

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We are all so busy today, it gets to the evening and the mind wanders to a glass of wine, or two. Once you feel the feeling of the alcohol hitting your bloodstream you start to feel calm. You know its a quick fix! You know that having two glasses or more means you probably won't be going to the gym in the morning, you probably won't feel like eating clean tomorrow, and you may even feel a little moody!

I think most of us would be lying if we haven't been there. Change is hard and coming off the end of summer for my Australia friends and into the warmer months for my American friends there is always an excuse to be drinking.

So what I would like to do is to challenge you to do things a little differently. Next time you see the wine bottle during the week you take a few seconds 5 to be exact and implement a technique from Mel Robbins does with her 5-second rule and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

Being mindful and shifting your mindset onto a healthier way of dealing with the stress of the day and the pressures of tomorrow. 

Here are 5 ways I shift my mind quickly to stop me from drinking when all I want to do is have a glass of wine.

1. Move the body! I know it is not always the thing we feel like doing. I am guilty of this feeling super tired, worn out and not in the mood to move my body. It doesn't have to be for long and if you go online to youtube or even Instagram you can find some fantastic 10-15min low-intensity workouts.

If you want some recommendations my fav's to follow are


2. Drink tons of water! Sounds boring however your body freakin loves it!! I love to drink sparkling water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Soda streams are the best because I can make the soda water on demand without the wastage of plastic bottles from store-bought sparkling waters.  
Water hydrates your skin, lubricates your insides, reduces hungry and is the elixir of life. It's like your cells have a dance party every time you drink water. Delicious, get drinking babe. 

3. Meditation Apps! Jacqueline and I are so different when it comes to meditating. Jac likes to be more still and quiet, I am learning to do this it takes more patience for me. When I need a mood shift I love doing super fun guided meditations I find on Youtube, the abundance once can be so fun because it is an amazing reminder of the abundant world we live in. They help me relax, have a bit of fun and sometimes more my body.

My favorite meditation app is insighttimer you can get some meditations for free. I love it so much I wanted full access. Fantastic courses are available that help me shift my mindset when I am feeling anxious and stress. As well as meditations that help me lean into my playful side. You can follow your friends and I love that people can see you are meditation and send you a thank you message for meditation with them.

4. Catch up with your friends over coffee or non-alcoholic beverage. It is so easy to fall into peer pressure. I mean sometimes I just have to watch ladies on the Real House of Beverly Hills and it makes me want to drink wine, even if it is 9 am. Not appropriate I understanding that more trying to articulate as humans we go to the path of least resistance. Next time you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and your friends want to catch up.

Why not suggesting to ban the booze and really listen and enjoy the connection deeply with your friends. Your soul will love it and you will be able to relax naturally.

5. Go be in Nature. As much as you possibly can go connect with your inner hippy. Go outside, put your feet in the grass and get grounded. If you are lucky to have some grass in your backyard after work, take your shoes off and go stand out there without your phone look around and appreciate the abundance of life. It doesn't take long to shift your state, it just takes a bit of mindfulness.
Once Jac and I were having a fight on a drive back down to Sydney from visiting a friend in the Hunter. I said to Jac pull over, let's hug a tree and talk it out. We did it had a bit of a laugh, she spoke to me about what upset her we addressed it and it changed our state. Life is best when not taken to seriously!

Babe, you can do it! Be your biggest and greatest lover! Hug tree, laugh with your besties. Just leave the alcohol behind sometimes...

Health is wealth and it starts from the actions you take every day!

Now go get your playful side on and calm down naturally!

Love you lots,

Tan Tan


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