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Topical Magnesium! The Super Star Magnesium Mineral Supplement!

Convenient travel size for you can take anywhere, and spray on your body at any time of the day. Quick and easy to use as soon it is absorbed through your skins you will feel the benefits of the magical mineral magnesium.

Highly concentrated magnesium oil, #CALM is one of the strongest magnesium chlorides on the market. 

Directions: Spray generously on clean skin. 

      When you first use you might experience a bit of a tingling feeling, this is okay happens to some people. Wait a few minutes and it should subside If it still bothers you jump in the shower.

        For external use only. Not for pharmaceutical use. The Only Animals This Was Tested on Was My Sisters.

        Customer Reviews

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        Ivonne Lienau
        Great product

        Perfect for post workout massages or to help with restless legs. I spray it on my calve muscles and feet and sleep like a baby.

        Jacqui Adcock
        Best Magnesium spray ever

        This is the major component to getting our kids to bed!!!
        Our routine of night is massaging our 3 kids feet in this "magic spray" termed by our kids!
        It has been the missing link. I find 2 x sprays to each foot and massage with some calming music hits the jackpot! Our eldest has trouble getting to sleep and can be quite anxious. This really helps her body to relax and also works for us parents!!!
        Thanks Sid & Jac - we must top up with a lifetime supply 😀
        Jax xx

        Love it

        My massage therapist told me about the sid & jac magnesium spray she stocks and the lovely story behind it. So I treated myself to a bottle and i love it. It really does sooth aches and pains. Tight neck, sore calf - its a magic addition to when i need a bit more relief then what stretching and rollering provides.Also as a side benefit, after using it on sore muscles it also provides a very gentle laxative effect, which is why my masage therapist said don't rush in and use more then 3 sprays when i got my first bottle of sid & jac mag spray.

        Kat Reyes
        Lovely product

        Amazing products. Lovely for self care and to help soothe your aching muscles. Great to spray on the soles of your feet before bed.

        Belinda Tsirekas
        Dreamy products.

        Highly recommend for those tired and fatigued bodies!